Infographic: #SaveBirdsNest Project Report

Java is famous for being “the most populous island in the world”. 160 million lives on 12,670,000 Ha of Java land, or 1,317 people per Km. 521,681 ha of area or land for wildlife. It is a very far-reaching comparison between the land inhabited by humans and other living things.

With the passage of time whether we (humans) can share space with the flora and fauna? Report to all donors and participants of the #SaveBirdsNest project that has been running and hopefully continues to spread throughout the country. Rp. 10.700.000 funds were collected through the making of “The Hornbills of Indonesia” poster which spent Rp. 5,067,500. Used Rp. 2,150,000 for a nest guarding operation in Raden Soerjo Greater Park Forest, involving 56 #GuardianBirdsNest of 10 Organizations. The remaining funds will be used to continue this activity.

4 point areas became the primary guard location of 28,712 ha total area of Raden Soerjo Greater Park Forest, 32 species of birds (from 127 species of birds in the area) recorded breed, there were 34 active nests with 21 nests successfully guarded with chick record succeeding out of the nest, 13 Nests fail to be saved because of the hunters.
“Animals, wild plants and all living things will soon be destroyed and extinct if we (humans) are ignorant and apathetic.Let up again to care and take action to harmonize the harmony of balance and survival on Earth that we live together.”

Thank you very much.

Infographic design by: Nurdin Setio Budi