About Us

We’re a small birdwatcher community and love very much go traveling. Where there’s a birds we go there. To see its beautiful color, melodious song and find a way to keep they in the wild.

This website is built to share what we’ve seen out there and and invite everyone in the world to see how beautiful Indonesia and its birds.

If you would like to find out more about the services offered by Birdpacker, we can be contacted by email, clicking the link below Birdpacker Email.

The easiest way to contact us should it be a simple question, no matter where you, or we are, or last minute issue it is now possible to contact us by Whatsapp. We do request to sign off with your full name so we know who we are replying to! Or you can simply push Whatsapp thumbnail in the bottom-right of this page.
Please note, as we are often in the field there could be a delay, but if not we can usually reply back instantly.

Official number +62 812-1667-9632

We are also contactable through Facebook and Instagram, where we can be messaged, or you can see our latest news from the field, or what we did with our running project. Please click social media button bellow.

Tell us how we can help.

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