Birding in Baluran, Serangan and Kerandangan

Our adventurous birding this time (25 October – 02 November 2016) is more like a country road, across the “African van Java” of Baluran then Waterbirds-paradise of Serangan (Bali) to the Home for Trio endemics Lesser Sunda (Rinjani Scops Owl, Elegant Pitta & Cinnamon-banded Kingfisher) at Kerandangan Nature Recreation Park, Lombok.

With six people in the car we drove starting at night from Malang. During on the car we spent the time to sleep, save our energy. Our first destination was Kerandangan NRP, but we firstly stayed for take a rest at Baluran NP in day-one morning. While sun rising we heard several Large-tailed Nightjars behind the trees at north direction to Bekol savannah. Then Javan Kingfisher sing at perch on top canopy, while the pairs of Scarlet-headed Flowerpeckers flew from one branch to other. Slowly the first sun for Java is getting warm and high. After a welcome rest in Baluran, we continued to drive to Gilimanuk and directly we got a ferry across Bali. We still able to seen Striated Swallow and Pacific Swift fly around the harbor. Below the bridge which connected ferry with port are the nest for that birds. While the ferry start to across Bali strait, we move to the roof looking for migratory raptor. But we are not lucky because may the birds has move into Bali last week. Luckily we still able to see Greater Crested Tern and Little Tern, fly across the strait and occasionally flopped to the sea.

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Trisik Beach, Shorebirding Jogja

The internationally important site for Sanderling & Wood Sandpiper in the EAAF. If you are looking for migratory shorebirds and other waterbirds in Yogyakarta, Trisik beach is the right place for you. Come around late August to March, and many regular visitors of migratory shorebirds.

This sandy coastal beach is about 2.4 km long on the west-south coast of Java approximately 30 km south of the Jogja city (45 minutes – 1 hours). The beach is administratively located in Banaran village, Galur subdistrict, Kulon Progo district, Yogyakarta province. Here the Progo River, the biggest river of Jogja, meets the sea.

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