Birding Around Yogyakarta City

Five Birding sites around Yogyakarta city, completed in Fullday Birding. Yogyakarta (or simply Jogja) is one of Indonesia’s most famous tourist destinations, on account of its fascinating history and culture and world heritage status temples (including Prambanan and Borobodur). Besides, there is another attraction of the many attractions in the city. Birding or Bird Watching could be an attractive alternative if you have extra time between your holiday in Jogja.

There are some interesting birding sites where various birds exist around the urban area of the city. The distance of one birding site to the others are not too far away to reach. Car or personal vehicle will certainly be easier. You will get a high number of birds if you start in the morning and avoid the weekend. Some of the endemics are easy to see, like Java Sparrow. Some of the best birding-site are considered below:

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